About curated feeds

A curated feed is just a set of notes that you've labelled, served from a dedicated relay address like wss://

That's it.

You can assign arbitrary labels to Nostr events, and then clients and relays could build a curated feed using your labels - just filter through notes and only show the ones you labelled.

Our custom relay does exactly that.

You create a curated feed with a name, and then use wss:// as a relay URL. This relay address will only serve events with a label that you specified. Many clients allow you to select a relay when viewing the global feed, and that's a nice way for people to consume your curated feed.

Labels are events of kind 1985, proposed in a new NIP-32. They contain the label - a string of your choice, and a reference to some other event. Very simple.

You can label notes on - just open a note and click the Label button. You can create a new label, or assign one of your previous labels with a single click. Other apps might start supporting this new NIP, we are just one of early adopters.

The cool thing here is that your curated feed (custom relay) will return your pubkey as the relay admin, and so people that subscribe to your relay might start zapping you! Snort recently implemented Zap Pool to share zaps with relays, and that might be a nice way to get some sats for your curation efforts.

Every curated feed you create will be paid for on a monthly basis. We will send you a DM on Nostr when it's time to pay for the next month.

Terms of Service for curated feeds are simple: don't create feeds with very bad stuff (CSAM etc), and do not buy lots of feed names you won't use. Don't worry, this is based on an open standard, your labels will live on Nostr, and you'll be able to use them in other apps.

To discuss this, contact on Nostr.